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The last time my partner and I had sex were during my fertile time. I have been having flu like symptoms for almost three weeks. I have had a sore throat, (no swelling). Cough. Very tired all of the time. Weight gain (around my lower stomach) Body aches. Head aches. Could this be a sign of pregnancy?


Everything you have mentioned looks like you are pregnant so it would be best to do the home test and even if that shows as a negative I think you should visit your doctor. After your doctor does the blood test there will be no doubt if you are pregnant.

If by some weird case these are not the symptoms of the pregnancy then visit your family doctor because it could mean that you have caught some virus and that you need to treat this as soon as possible.

How old are you and do you want to have baby? Did you discuss this with your partner?


It has been a while since you have posted this question so maybe you could share with us what has happened in the end? Were you pregnant or something else? If you were then you are a mom by now and hopefully everything ended just fine.