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I have been having some symptoms of pregnancy, been pushing it off till after my period is due. Not due till the 24 of september.. But a few days ago i saw on my breast, that my areola have got a little bit bigger, darker,tender & thin dark veins on my areola.. Could this be a sign of pregnancy?


Every woman is different so the symptoms of pregnancy are differs from one to another. Do you have large breasts? And when you need to have your period do you have same or just similar signs?


If you are noticing some other signs it would be best to do the home pregnancy test. But first of all do you have reasons to be worried? If you have had unprotected sex with your partner than this is definitely good reason to visit the nearest pharmacy. And if turns negative and your period is still late than go to your doctor and consult with him to do the blood test. After this you will be absolutely sure.

Were you planning to get pregnant any time soon or this is going to be surprise? Let us know about your results so we can say congratulate. Good luck with everything.