So, a while back, I had a split-second penetration incident with my partner, as in I barely went in not even fully, and we had wiped off the precum with a tissue prior to this. I had also urinated before this since my last ejaculation and showered thoroughly, which I heard eliminates all sperm from the urethra that precum could potentially pick up, assuming that any precum even got inside her. This happened right after the end of her period.

Anyways, her new period arrived as scheduled (according to her normal cycles) about 2-3 weeks ago, and it came and went normally, lasting the normal time and nothing out of the ordinary, and she never exhibited any signs of being pregnant (the whole morning sickness, frequent urination, etc. business). So, it's been about 6 weeks since that night, and I was wondering if everything is okay since I'm a paranoid person at heart, and if she's pretty much safe to say not pregnant?

Thanks for the feedback!