Im 13 turning 14. I never thought much of whatever is going on with myself until last year when i tried to commit due to a lot of sh*t going on. I got told i was too young to understand depression, or sadness of any sort. I sort of stuck with that until now. I Have black outs. I was sitting in my room, just watching tv, and i sort of.. got afraid? i don't know clearly what i was scared of, but i freaked out, i started having a panic attack, and hyperventilating. I don't remember anything after that, except i guess waking up? i don't know what you call it, but i sort of- 'woke up' and i was sitting down, where i had been before, but just staring at my wall. I got freaked out, i didn't know what happened, i thought maybe i was dehydrated, i just thought of anything too really name it as. I had been having mood swings. severe ones. I have minor anger issues, ill get mad at anything and everything. i never really understand why, but i get mad. After i had attempted a few months back, i got told to see a … not sure what you actually call it. But yeah, and they diagnosed me with ptsd, depression, anxiety, social anxiety. and thats really all i got told. i want to know whats the cause of these mood swings, black outs, and my fear… If this is just nothing to worry about or if it is intact, something i should worry about..