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Dr. Vini G. Khurana, Australian neurosurgeon, gave convincing evidence that the use of mobile phones increases the risk of brain tumors. The risk may be higher then the one from asbestos and smoking.
Long-term mobile usage increases the risks on the side of the head mostly used against by a factor of 2-4 folds.

There are three times more mobile phones users than the smokers and smoking kills an estimated five million a year.
Dr. Khurana reviewed over 100 published studies and reports and realized that electromagnetic radiation from mobile phones damages the brain and causes both benign and malignant cell changes in the brain.

The doctor advised people to avoid using the mobiles phones and called on the industry and the government to take steps for reducing radiation exposure through radio-wave-based devices including mobile phones.

Latency period from exposure to mobile phone radiation to diagnosis of malignant brain tumor ranges from 10 to 20 years. Dr. Khurana said that the next following years will be appropriate to start observing the impact of this global technology on brain tumor incidence rates.

The Mobile Operators Association representing the five UK mobile phone network operators did not accept Dr. Khurana reviews and called the study selective and not balanced. They reported that previous studies showed no link in the short term but there was a link between mobile phones and brain tumors in the long run.


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