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Hello. I'm 35 year old male and I'm having big problems with my body weight. I don’t know what to tell about all this. Not only that I have genetic predisposition to be fat because my whole family is, but problem is also in me and my eating habits. I'm addicted to sweets and don’t know what to do about it. I've tried with some diets but my hunger is stronger then my wile.
Just recently a good friend has recommended me to start with some Aspartame instead of normal sugar. I should drink it with coffee, cookies and everything that have sugar in it. I would like to find out can this really help me to loose these extra pounds?


Hi. I would really like to help you and that’s why I will tell you everything I know about this.
You see, as I know, all your friend is true. The main thing about all this is that the quantity of aspartame needed to produce a sweet taste is so small which makes its caloric value negligible. That’s why it is popular for use instead of normal sugar.
I also must tell you that Aspartame contains amino acid called phenylalanine and is unsafe for those born with phenylketonuria. That’s why I have heard that Aspartame has been the subject of a big public controversy regarding its safety. Maybe the best thing for you is to contact some doctor over this first!


I stumbled on this post doing a net seach on something totally different and just felt I had to share some info.

Aspartamine (as is MSG) is an excitotoxin. It excites brain cells to death.

Doing a quick search for Aspartame (Nutrasweet) toxicity I found:

I have described many serious side effects and medical/public health
hazards attributable to aspartame products(1-4). The neurologic,
psychologic, eye, endocrine, metabolic and pediatric ravages in my data
base of over 1,200 aspartame reactors, comprised of both patients and
correspondents, are impressive. Additionally, it is my increasing
conviction that aspartame products can cause, aggravate or accelerate
migraine (5), seizures (6), multiple sclerosis (3), diabetes and its
complications (7), Alzheimer's disease (8,9), and even brain tumors
(10). The clinical and scientific basis for these assertions have been
detailed previously.

VERY interesting post on another forum about exocitotoxins …
Excitotoxins - the ultimate brainslayer