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As I am getting older, I am slowing down a bit and I am looking for advice on living a healthier life. I am turning 55 this year, and I have tried to get into exercising, but I have not found a program that I can stick to. And dieting is even harder. Like a lot of guys my age, I carry my weight around the middle, and my doctor has told me I need to drop a few pounds. I am also mildly diabetic, and would really like to get that under control. If anyone has any tips or suggestions about whats worked for them when it comes to loosing weight and being healthier, I had love to hear them.

On top of being overweight and having to watch my diet because of diabetes, I have been having some prostate problems lately. I have to go to the bathroom all the time and my sex life is not like it used to be either. For the most part, everything looked okay based on my last checkup, but I would love some suggestions on products I can try, or things I can do to help with prostate function. I hear there are diabetic friendly health bars and Supplements that are available that can help with an enlarged Prostate.I am weary of buying things online, because I dont know how helpful these things are. They seem promising though. Anyone have any products they like? And products that have worked for them?

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Don't diet. Dieting is a terrible way to lose weight, and it is ineffective too. Instead, what you need to do is change the way you eat permanently. Eating more vegetables and eating less meat (treat meat like a side dish instead of as the main course) can really help. The best thing to do is exercise. What I would recommend is starting slow, by doing pushups or something light like that once per day, and then ramping up as you gain confidence. I hope that helps!


You appear to be looking for a quick fix, there are no "quick fixes". Proper diet and exercise are the only way to improve your health and stave off the diabetes.

First off, stop eating any factory food (pre-packaged, pre-made foods) they are all cancer causing, nutrient depleted foods. Shop the outside ring of the grocery store, the healthier foods are there.

A good quality fish oil is also very beneficial to the body in so many ways, especially as you age. It will not only help the mind it will help keep the diabetes in check. You must also stay away from all processed sugars. Stevia is a naturla sweetener and safe for diabetics. DO NOT USE NUTRASWEET, ASPARTAME, SWEET 'N' LOW ETC., THEY ARE ALL CANCER CAUSING POISONOUS CHEMICALS. ASPARTAME METASTISIZES INTO FORMALDEHYDE, YOU ARE DRINKING FORMALDEHYDE. ALL DIET POPS AND ALL SUGAR FREE GUMS ARE POISONOUS, STOP EATING THEM, STOP SUPPORTING THESE COMPANIES.

You are obviously new to exercise, push-ups may seem a little extreme for you, no offense. Start out by walking or cycling every single day then get into some low impact workouts with weights (dumbells), there are many books and online resources to show you workout routines. If you wish to take it further then join a gym and have a trainer develop a routine that would work for you.

This is not going to happen overnight but if you stick to a daily schedule you will start to see results in 30 days, which will begin to motivate you to keep going.

Diet and exercise are the two main factors in weight loss and overall health. As far as the prostate condition goes, start also eating raw organic almonds they will help alleviate the condition. Do not buy bulk almonds, they are soaked in wheat and water to fatten up for sale and often contain mold. They must be raw organic.

Good luck!