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I am looking for information on the death rate from autoimmune hepatitis, including details of the exact failure that lead to the death. Now, I am pretty sure there must be some websites devoted to this, but I am not sure where they are. Can anyone point me in the right direction? I'd be very grateful!


Hello there stephan1330,

I am not sure where you could find statistics regarding autoimmune hepatitis but if you want to know this for some particular reason it would be best to talk with a medical expert. First of all this is autoimmune disorder and this means that body is attacking healthy cells and tissue by mistake. The exact reason why this is happening is unknown and the cure for most of the autoimmune disorders doesn’t exist.

So if someone in your family or surroundings has been hospitalized because of this condition it would be best to get all the answers you want to know from the doctor. he will explain you the exact situation and inform you about the prognosis.