Ok so for the past week i have been having really weird symptoms. Im a 20 yr old female and at first i thought it was my upcoming period or a possible pregnancy but now i dont know. It started with earaches like someone is stabbing me in the ears and lower back pain. Then i got abdominal pain added and a nauseous feeling. I was extremly hungry and eating constantly to keep from feeling nauseous and faint. So im eating like a horse and loosing weight. Which worried me. My mother said it sounded like a pregnancy so i waited because i was expecting my period on the 31st of January. it came Monday morning the 1st and it was a little weird but i still felt nauseous and my back and abdominal pain became nearly unbearable.. Today is the second. My stomach feels fine, i've almost completely lost my appetite and my back is still stiff and hurts but not as bad. My head is dizzy and a little faint and i kinda just feel not right.. im just like tired but not at the same time. i wake up early and its hard for me to sleep yet i feel like i could sleep for days. by the end of the day i just feel like its so much harder to think. I went to the doctor today but they are saying its a 100.00 co-pay so i wont be going back until i get my medical taken care of. Just wanted some advice, cuz im worried and kinda annoyed at the same time.