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I am a 25yr old wife, we had been married for the last three years and were trying for a baby but just recently I concieved , may be 2 weeks ago. the problem is that I have back pains and also mild abdominal pains. Since it is my first baby , I don't really know about the symptoms. Is it common during pregnancy?


Both abdominal cramping and low back pain are common in early pregnancy. I didn’t experience these symptoms that early but around 6th week I did. Both of the symptoms are result of the growing uterus. It is stretching and causing abdominal cramps. It is normal unless the cramps are very severe that you cannot take it.

As for the lower back pain, it is due to growing uterus pressing down the lower spine and the sciatic nerve. Some women even have shooting pains down the buttocks and legs but I didn’t.

If your symptoms become severe, you may turn to your gyn and talk to her/him and see if you need physical therapy or more rest.