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im 36wks pregnant and i've been having pelvis cramping and cramping in my abdomen can anybody tell me why please it is very uncomfortable.


Pains in the stomach alone are rarely a sign of a serious problem. Carrying a baby puts a lot of pressure on muscles, ligaments, veins and the rest of your insides, so it's not surprising that you feel some discomfort, particularly in the midriff. Most of this can be eased by getting into a new position or finding a way to relax. If other symptoms are present, they may be a sign of a more serious problem.


• What you might experience: Cramps and persistent lower back pain.

• What causes it: Increased pressure on the pelvis and rectum.

• When it might occur: The last few weeks of pregnancy.

• What to do: Pre-labour cramping is much less severe than the contractions you'll experience during labour. Some women find resting on the sofa helps, while others opt for a more active walk. Finding your own way to relax and manage discomfort will serve you well during real labour.
Ligament stretching:

• What you might experience: Mild cramps on one or both sides.

• What causes it: Ligaments are stretching to support your growing uterus.

• When it might occur: From early through to late pregnancy.

• What to do: Sit down or lie down and put your feet up. Resting comfortably when pain occurs usually alleviates cramping.
being pregnant always comes with some pain hun when i was pregnant i found when i took a nice bath relaxed and layed on my side in a comfy position it eased alot of tention up.