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I'm 15 and I just found out I'm 5 weeks pregnant .
My boyfriend and I are keeping it, but I'm having terrible abdomen pains, and lots of gas/ bathroom visits .

I know peeing alot doesn't really have a solution, but does anyone know of any other ways to relieve the discomfort of being pregnant .?

and advice would help ALOT .
thank you .


congrats! i had this problem twice i also had spotting. at 5 weeks went to hospital and they scanned me cos they were worried it was eptopic pregnancy (foetus develops in the fallopian tubes) it wasnt this but there was no baby in the womb, i was v worried but they said that baby does not enter the womb until week 7. i went home it went away around week 7 had a scan and there was baby!! go to the hospital for peace of mind they will not tell your parents im sure. the peeing could be a bladder infection this happens to alot of women or it could just be your growing uterus pressing on ur bladder. i peed all the time even a couple of times at nite and that was the most annoying thing for me so i feel ur pain sister!! u might get more pains like period cramps around time of ur period too and cramps just before u get big like stretchin pains. get yourself a good pregnancy and birth book, this helped me so much with worrys i had. good luck....