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I am a 23 year old male. I recently had a serious infection in my cheek due to a wisdom tooth and was given a prescription to get rid of it. The next week after my infection was gone i was at my house and got this tingling feeling in my head and felt really dizzy all at once i went right to sleep hoping it would all be fine the next day. I have had the blurryness on and off and dizziness ever since its been going on for a week now. Well when i woke up the next day i ahd a little infection in my cheek nothing like before but it was noticeable. Thinking it was my wisdom tooth i went to the dentist and had my tooth removed two days ago but i still have this dizzy feeling and blury ness in my eye on occassion its really starting to worry me any help would be greatly appreciated.


Your dizziness could be caused by many things, even maybe wisdom tooth. Considering you don’t have a wisdom tooth anymore, there could be another underlying problem.
Blurry vision goes along with dizziness. Other symptoms that may be associated with dizziness are headaches, sweats, tinnitus (ringing in the ears) and fainting.

People who suffer from mandibular joint disorder often have symptoms like that.

I had such problems when I was younger. My parents were traumatized with what could be happening to me. After so many tests, and spending time in hospitals and doctors, one doctor asked my mom to check all the ingredients in her washing detergent. Then the doc said that some of the detergents ingredients could be causing such disorders among which benzyl alcohol, which I was found to be sensitive to. Amazing! I mean, who would have thought to think of that! The moment my mom stopped using that detergent, my troubles were gone. But then she had to pay attention to any of the chemicals she was buying to check for this ingredient.

I also know that you could be dizzy when your brain’s not getting enough blood, maybe the medicine you were using to treat the cheek infection.

I think this is a doctor’s case.