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okay so ive smoked weed about 10 times. always has been a good fun experience. well the other night i smoked and i got higher than i have ever been. i was hallucinating even. it started off good but my heart was beating extremely fast, i was shaking uncontrollably, i started to panic and really felt like i was having a heart attack. my chest and heart were in real pain. i kept drinking water and laying down and switching posititons trying to make myself feel better but nothing really was working. when i finally fell asleep i woke up the next morning and still didnt feel right. my chest felt heavy, my airway didnt feel right. my heart still kinda hurt. i figured i would be okay and went to work. i had to ask to leave after an hour because my heart was just not right and i was freaking out again, when my coworker was asking if i was okay it was causing me to panic more and just got worse. i went home and started to feel better. the next morning i also felt better but during the day my left arm started to go numb. im panicking and i really dont want to go to the doctor because i dont want to have to tell my parents what has happened. has anyone had this experience?? what should i do?? please help. ive never had anxiety/panic attacks/heart problems ever before!


I've been there and its is scary as hell. I had my first panic attack when high and I ended up going to the ER. ots of tests and a prescription of Xanax.  The thing was, that every time I tried to get high, or drink or smoke, I'd get weirded out and panic again.  That got me to quit everything - cold turkey.  I haven't smoked cigarettes, pot, blow, etc for over 25 years. That's great, but the panic attacks/anxiety have been with me ever since.  I've learned to control it, but sometimes it's almost debilitating.  My advice: cool it on the drugs and take it easy with everything else.  If the attacks keep bothering you, go see a therapist - make some excuse to get there, but make sure that the therapist knows everything, so they can help.  And they will. You can overcome anything. You are stronger than you know. I know. I survived and thrived. And you can too.