I think my boyfriend may have an eating disorder.


Basically he had glandular fever 2 years ago and couldnt eat a thing because he was so sick. Since them the only thing he has eaten is toast with marmite on it. he eats half a loaf of bread a day and i know that sounds like alot but he literally eats nothing else. He drinks plenty of water and also drinks pepsi max. He has no energy... there is nothing of him you can see his ribs... he goes to bed at 7.30pm and dosent wake up till 5am yet is still so tired during the day. He feels sick all the time and even the smell of some foods makes him feel sick. He is never physically vomiting just feels sick. He cant sleep laying down because he says his chest tightens and he cant breath then he has panic attacks. he has had blood tests and all the tests they can possibly do and they have all come back fine. He has been to multiple doctors and they all cant find anything. I dont know what do do its really getting me down. I have anxiety attacks just thinking about it i cant sleep at night i'm so worried i dont know what to do.