I know this may seem 'out there' to some, but I'll tell you right now what 99% of you are suffering from - food allergies! It's crazy right? Why would your eyes develop rashes because of something you ate? I promise you - that's exactly what it is. I suffered from the same thing for a long time; it would get so irritated and itchy it would keep me up at night! It was horrible! I had been to an acupuncturist & Chinese herbalist the spring before last to treat seasonal allergies, and she worked miracles on me after just a dozen or so treatments. She recommended I quit eating wheat and dairy for about two weeks, just to see how my body reacted. After only 30 days - I was completely allergy free. I swear it. I would get so bad at times I couldn't even leave the house! I was on daily inhalers, I had tried about 6 or so different medications and OTC meds - and I was tired of pumping this c**p into my system just to put a band-aid on the suffering. After those 30 days of no dairy & no wheat I was completely - and I mean COMPLETELY - allergy free. I could pet my cat without having a horrible sneezing fit; I could take the kids for walks around the block in the spring without wheezing and coughing the entire way back; and the rash under my eye went away and never returned.

I did lots and lots of research about why dairy & wheat allergies could cause us to experience 'seasonal allergy' symptoms, and basically none of us are designed to be able to digest dairy. Harvard just published a study very recently that said it's a miracle that people can digest dairy at all! We aren't meant to! We are the only species on the planet that drinks the milk of another species. Mucus, coughing, sneezing, wheezing, etc. -- all allergic reactions. When we continue to ingest things our body is trying to fight out of our systems (such as dairy) it leaves little to no defense against what should be MILD allergens such as pollens, dust, and dander - therefore we continue believing its the dust, dander, pollen, or mold that's causing us to have these horrible symptoms, and we mask them with meds - when we could simply nip the issue in the bud and cut dairy out of our diets and be allergy free! I know it sounds horrible - most people can't even fathom giving up cheese or milk - but if you cut it out for one full week and just take note of the differences you feel, I promise you'll start seeing results.

Not everyone is allergic to wheat, but the quantities that we are ingesting it nowadays are too great for our bodies to be able to process. Other symptoms of wheat allergies (believe it or not!) are an itchy scalp and dandruff! Crazy, eh?

I still allow myself to have cheese every once in a great while, but I always immediately regret it. Truth is, we don't need it - and it's horrible bad for us. Milk contains a hormone that the mother cows secrete in order to keep her calf close to her while nursing - which acts like an opiate in our own systems, causing us to literally be addicted to it! They are called "Casomorphins."

... and just another random fact to sink your teeth into - the FDA allows ONE EYEDROPPER full of PUSS in each 8 oz glass of milk. It's true, I promise. And not only is it true, a recent study showed 98% of all dairy milk sold in grocery stores contained at least that much puss or greater. They hide it from consumers by using the scientific term "Somatic Cell Count" instead of puss, because who would drink anything they knew contained puss? I sure as heck wouldn't! Think about that next time you pour that tall glass of milk with dinner, or slap that cheese on your burger.

Good luck to all!


Shelly Moore, Holistic Life Coach & Dietary Counselor