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Help me!!!! I normally fall asleep on the couch and when my fiance comes home he " wakes me up" and off we go bed. I have no memory of this. I was even like this when I was a child my mom would wake me up and send me to bed . I would wake up and have no idea how I got to bed or I would think I just fell asleep in bed. When I was a child I would say things to my mom and have no idea I had said t hem to her now Lately its getting worst when my fiance wakes me , I call him names and yell at him. I have no memory of this at all. I have been doing this for as long as I can remember but its seems like Im getting more aggressive. Sometimes almost hitting him. When I wake up in the morning I have no idea what went on . He says I act like im awake but Im not im still asleep I have no memory from when I fall asleep to when I wake up. All i can remember is sometimes my dreams which have nothing to do with the situation. Please someone help me I cant seem to find anything online about this and would like some answers


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You have trained your body into doing this. So it just dose it an you dont have to think about it. Its like a constant noise EG low buzzing. Eventually you get use to it an you dont hear it. an like smells. After a while you dont smell them.

My daughter use to wet the bed alot when she was very young. So when i went to bed, id lift her out of bed, sit her on the toilet an tell her to wee.
To start with she woke up an did a wee. But over time she didnt woke, but did a wee.
This is very powerful training. I know this because when she was 3 she had to have tests in hospital. They sudated her. That had a bad side affect an they had to completely knock her out. This was a problem because to do the test they wanted her to pass urine.
I explained what i did at home. The nurses said it probably wouldnt work because she was under general anasthetic. But it did. A nurse in an operating theartre asked her to wee as she did. They were amazed.

You need to untrain this habit. My first suggestion is to go straight to bed. Not to fall asleep down stairs.

You are in a form of sleep walking. I have read that you shouldnt try an wake someone up in this state. It can be dangerous.


I go thru the same thing with my husband. When he is sleeping and it's time to wake him for dinner, he actually swings at me. He works hard all day in the inclement weather and he is exhausted when he gets home for the nite. He takes a quick snooze on the couch before we eat. I stand at the end of the sofa and shake his feet to wake him. If i wiggle his shoulders or touch his face to wake him, he jumps like he is startled and takes a swing in the air. Then he looks straight into my face and says, "what the hell is wrong with you" i laugh at him, then he's fine. He doesn't know he bats at me, he doesn't remember. There are times when he is snoring so bad on the sofa late at nite while i'm trying to watch tv, i ship him off to bed and he doesn't know how he got there.