so basically i have recently had a re- occurring dream! ( it happened like twice so far) the dream starts with me in the water (like a pool not an ocean) and i am just chillin with my head above the water and my body in the water for just a spit second and then i am being drowned but not by a person or anything pushing me under, i am just al of the sudden in the water and i am holding my breath until i need to breath and as soon as i breath in the water it’s just like i am breath in air and i am completely fine!! and as soon as i breath the water it’s like my dream-self knows that this is all a dream and i wake up soon after i know that it’s a dream! ( i also typically wake up at 3pm after having this dream, i have this dream right after i wake up at 10am, like i fall right back asleep once i wake up and i have that dream) i am very interested as to why i have this dream!