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Any advice on some good sleeping pills?? This is my third day of sobriety and last night was my second night of no sleeping. I doze some, but I never fall asleep completely. Plus I have been working out would think would make me all tired. But I think I just am extra proned to anxiety. My sister smoked just as much weed as me and we are quitting together and have been working out, etc. But she hasn't had as much trouble sleeping...just me. I am thinking about making an appointment with the doc to talk about some anxiety meds. But I would rather be completely sober. ADVICE!!!! I need sleep! lol


When my daughter got off all drugs, she had a hard time falling asleep as well, it's different for everyone and that's why your sister finds it so easy to fall asleep.
She tried an over the counter sleep aid and she found it helped her to get drowsy. Then she finished it off by laying on the sofa watching tv, she would fall sound asleep. Now after doing this for just a few weeks, she has gotten used to just falling asleep in front of the tube, without the pills. If you don't mind sleeping on the couch all nite, it's not so bad. Or put a tv in your bedroom, same difference.

Don't exert yourself before bedtime, no excercising, no telephone, don't drink a lot of anything, no heavy food and make sure you've gone to the bathroom before you try to settle down. You can also read, that is very relaxing. Keep your surrounding reletively quiet if you can, like no barking dogs or crying kids. Within a few weeks you should be able to just go to bed and stay there with no problem. I think sleeping pills are really one's last resort as we hear some negative stuff about them. Ambien for example makes you do things that you can't remember the next day, like eat and drive a car. That's scarey. The OTC pills are so mild, i use them when i am having a hard time trying to wind down for the nite.