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TRY OUR SEARCH! my turn to see if anyone has any help to throw my way! I have such a messed up sleep cycle - and I don't know why or how to fix it! At night - when I should be sleeping I am WIDE awake...every night...without exception (I suppose answering questions on doesn't help...). When I should be wide awake at work during the day I feel like I could literally go to sleep within seconds if I was able to lay down. I spend the ENTIRE day at work that way - go home, and sometimes go right to bed hoping I will be able to fall asleep...but no...I lay in bed for HOURS, and HOURS..and become more and more awake.

On days off if I let myself naturally go to sleep and wake up - I easily fall asleep around 3-4AM, and wake up naturally around 2-3PM...wide awake! The big issue here - I get up for work at 3:30 AM...which seems to be the time my body wants to naturally go to sleep. I did work nights for a while - and that was perfect for me. I was able to sleep as soon as I got home, woke naturally without an alarm clock wide awake...but, unfortunately, working nights is not an option for me in my current position.

I have tried multiple prescription sleep aids - they do nothing to help me sleep the night I take them, but they do make me even more tired the next day. I have tried to totally eliminate caffeine and sugars from my diet with no change. I have tried sleep cycle alarm clocks to wake me up at my 'ideal time in my sleep cycle'.

So - what do you guys think? This has been an issue for YEARS! I really look forward to see what ideas other people have!


I too have sleep disorder and meds no longer help me, but I can say that I did use ambien at one point and it did help me sleep very well!!! But, I do have to caution you on this drug if you havent already taken it I found myself sleep walking with my eyes wide awake, and talking to my husband and telling him weird things that I had never told anyone before. Alot of very bad side effects for me, and I knew my husband wasnt lying cause he knew very personal things that I had never told anyone before, but I would never remember them the next day! I know its not much, but I suffer from the very same problem and in is now 6 00 in the morning and I have been up since 3 00. And with only two hours worth of sleep. Keep me updated if you learn anything new, hey maybe we will find a way to help each other out!