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I have a five year old granddaughter. After just one nite with her I am exhausted. She doesn't want to go to bed, she wants you to sleep with her. She won't leave you alone. Every time I got up to go pee, she said where you going and starts to cry. She runs, yells, spits, throws things at you, torments the cats and everyone else.  At school they say she is wonderful, everywhere else she is terrible. Any one have any idea what could cause this type of behavior?


Hi PolCla,

Well, she gets your attention by these actions doesn't she?

Was this the first time she's slept over?  She might have been a bit nervous and acted out.  Regardless, put her in her own room.  If she yells, screams, cries, just let her be.  She'll get tired and eventually fall asleep.

Don't answer her if you get up to use the bathroom.  Put the cats someplace safe too.

You're the adult, she's the child.  Tell her in no uncertain terms that she is expected to be in bed sleeping.