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Just joined here but notice there are no new members and the site seems years old with its postings.I have had Bells Palsy 4 wks now and would like contact with others more is now June 2011 and most posts are from 2004-2007!


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Hello Pets4m.

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Hi Bell´s Palsy....yea, bad news.....but not so bad! Gotta work with it.....Most ´MD´s don´t know how to assist effectivily. Try acupuncture. Ask for 1 of 2 therapies: 1. at first light needles around the affected area. After 2-4 treatments, if progress has occured, then light Electro-acupuncture; several 2-5 of the latter therapy.

If there is but little progress, ask for Moxabustion therapy. May seem strange to you, but it is a Classic and standard mode of therapy for this condition. I know, having had 2 attacks over a period of 35 years. I am presently 98% healed.

Note: avoid contact with the wind. Avoid body anger.......don´t dare get angry. And or take herbs for your Liver.

In my experience this condition recooperates patient.......but it will surcome to constant therapy.

It is considered that it may be caused by : Anger or Wind on face or Herpes pathogen, or the Devil! Don´t worry, just apply therapy. Be good, be happy, all will resolve nicely, with a bit of time.


I am a therapist, with decades of experience.

Good Luck, and, enjoy each moment of each day.................







Hi. I have had bells paleyt twice. First when I was 18 and the last time was 5 years ago. The first time was on my left side and the worst of it lasted about a month. I really don't remember much of how it started but I was treated for a sinusn infection and it took a few weeks for the doctors to figure it out. This last time I noticed my mouth being numb and not being able to taste anything. It took about 48 hrs until I realized what it really was. I lost all feeling and movement on the left side of my face including my tongue for several weeks. I also am prone to have fever blisters especially if I get too much sun and have also had herpes whitlow on my left hand. I now make sure I have valtrex on hand and so far the break outs are minimal and no bells paley. I also have a cousin who suffers from this problem and she has had symptoms on and off for many years. At least 9 times that were significant.


I got Bells Palsy right after I had my 3rd child. They think it was the stress on my body (two kids in 12 months) that did it. I had just been diagnosed with shingles also. This was in 2002 June and i still to this day have lasting effects from a droopy smile, eye lid and hearing loss in my left ear and side of my face. I had a bad case from what my dr said it lasted well over a year of the full effects. I couldn't close my left eye (I had to tape it shut to sleep). I was on pain meds for the pain in the nerves of my neck for well over that year also. I to me was the worse thing ever and still to this day when I get really stressed I see the effects bright and clear in my face. Stress is a key point to try to handle this helps with recovery. Other than that there is no cure but you can take steroids to help but they did not work for me.