My Name is ruth I am 40 years old.I have had a series of health complications over the years ,resulting from ? hepatic emobea infestation of my liver in 1993.2/3 of my liver was destroyed and there were other factors such as that I was also 6 monthes pregnet and domestically abused as well as malnutricianed .I had surgery and tubes attached to me for a long while.And after years of recouping .And wondering if I would ever stop being tired I was diagnosed with diabetes, Novolininsulin 2x a day .My blood sugars never stay in check unless I DO NOT EAT! So I eat healthy.And enjoy good eating habits.My health is good over all I enjoy a happy and productive life style.My question is in regards to my period.It has been the same for about 14 years.Nearly clock work perfect in its comming monthly.I do however get pain so severe that at times I would colapse if I were standing and cramp so severly that I sometimes throw up and keep nothing in mystomach or bowels as the cramping is so strong.I bleed so heavily that I soak through 5-10 super plus tampons a day for the heave part of my period,and have blood clots as big as 3/4 of a tennis ball. I have 4 teen age daughters who are quit oncerned as none of them ever experience anything like that them self's.Granted none of them are sexually active.I have just assumed that this was normal for my age and health. Last night I was at a friends home and bled through a super plus tampon and a night time kotex pad on her couch. Upon visiting the rest room and discovering that the pad actually had a lot of weight to it I actually felt a little scared,should I be?