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Greetings Steady Health,

I've got this severe irritation at the end of my urethra when I was 7 years old, now I'm 18.
I've been checked by 3 different gynaecologists, but they couldn't find out what's the problem - I have no STD and I been on many medications but none helped, even creams.
I'm not lactose intolerance and my yeast intake is lower then average.
It feels like the end of my urethra where the urine actually comes out, burns really bad, it also swells up a bit.
I don't feel as I'm urgent to pee when I'm having this burning sensation and If I do I try to hold it in as long as I can because when I urinate while I'm having this burning sensation it will make it worse.
It does not itch.
My vulva does not burn nor vagina.
I pee about 4/5 times a day, not sure if that's called frequent urination or if its normal.
I'm having this irritation every 1-2 days, especially when I'm really close to my period.
It last about 5+ hours, If I would try to sleep through the irritation the burning irritation would still revolve after I woke up.

After I visited 3 gynaecologists and been on many medications, I gave up.. and thought I should just live with it. I never asked the forums what it could be, please enlighten me of what it could be because I'm dying to know the answer.

Thanks in advance,
*cross fingers*


me too started years ago coming and going now they put it down to slight bladder esrtogen given so lets see now,if this does not hep going to get referred to specialist as it happening everyday do sympathise ....good luck