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I have been on the pill for 2 years now.
About a week into this months packet I started taking cephalexin.
The day I started the medication I had unprotected sex. 
I had unprotected sex on Thursday. 

Hypothetically if I concieved through the unprotected sex a weekish ago and I have a period next week, am I baby free? 

Would it still be early enough to have an abortion?

IF I conceived through the sex on Thursday or yesterday will I NOT have a normal period next week? Or could I still have a normal period even if pregnant?

If I get pregnant through the Thursday or yesterday sex, how will I know? if I have a normal period next week does that mean I'm not pregnant?

I take the contraceptive pill "Dianette" I heard that can harm male babies. I take my pill at the same time everyday and don't miss one.

if I have a normal period next week 
should I continue my pill as normal? If I don't have a period I stop taking my pill and do a test?

Finally, PURELY HYPOTHETICAL question, I know it takes about 3 days to become fertilised, so... if you have sex on birth control and the next day your period starts, could you still be pregnant? 


Hi Worried,

By taking the pill as directed, it is very unlikely that you'd get pregnant.

If you have a "normal" period, that means normal for you, then it is very unlikely you are pregnant.  You can have some bleeding if you were pregnant but it would be different than normal.

It is unlikely you will get pregnant, birth control or not, having sex 10 days or less before your period.  Why?  The egg is only viable for 48 hours after ovulation.  After that it can't be fertilized.  Ovulation normally occurs from day 11-16 of your cycle, day 1 is when your period starts.

Keep taking the pill as directed.  Expect your period next week as usual.

Hope it helps.