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I am taking the contraceptive pill. I missed one on the Monday (2nd week)
and then the last pill in the packet (number 21). I did not take these pills at all. The 2nd pill I missed was the Tuesday (the last one of the packet) I then started my period a few days later as normal. I then had unprotected sex on the Saturday. I then started getting strange feelings in my stomach and later that week I had flu. Could the strange feelings be part of that flu or what are the chances I'm pregnant? Thanks


although unlikely yep it is possible. The pill isnt 100% effective anyway, and even more so if you miss a couple. I used to miss so many of mine cos my memory is awful. So now im in a stable realtionship and dont bother, cos I miss so many its useless anyway, lol. So I say wait until ur next period is due, if no period, then take a test, :-D