I am on Microgestin Fe1/20. My period started on March 21st (Thursday) and ended on the 24th (Sunday). My Doctor said to start it the first Sunday of your period. So, I took it that day. This is the first month that I started to take it. My boyfriend and I had sex that Monday till Friday (25th-29th). We used a condom every day. That same Friday I had brown discharge, which is weird for me. That day, the condom broke as well, but he pulled out anyways. On April 3rd I started bleeding and now it is the 6th.Why is this happening?I'm assuming it's just my body getting used to the birth control, but I've been on one other before, and this didn't happen.Could I be pregnant? I don't want to be. If I could be, when would I take a test?How long will this bleeding most likely continue?