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I have an addiction (sort of) to biting my top lip and the inside of my cheek. I do it willingly and know I am doing it but I can't stop it and gum didn't work. It has gotten to the point where there are lumps and ulsers in my mouth and won't go away. Any advice would be helpful.


Hello The 23,

You have a biting my lips and gums problem and now you have lumps and ulcers in you mouth from doing this.  You may be experiencing a little anxiety/stress and you do this behavior maybe to calm yourself however in your case your calming behavior is tearing up you mouth.  Okay, actually you can stop this but you will have to work on it.  Yes, you can stop it.  Try thinking of something pleasant and each time you do you make sure you stop biting your lip and cheek.  You have to make this happen,  There's no drug for this.  Catch yourself doing it and willfully make yourself stop.  I'm afraid there's no other way.  You could probably correct this within a day or so.