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I have had extremely uncomfortable, very irritable gums for over a month. It started on the lower right hand side of mouth and was like a raw burning sensation which spread to under my tongue. The dentist thought it might be an infection but after taking 2 lots of antibiotics it is still there and getting worse. The gum area behind my wisdom teeth feels really weird when I run my tongue over it. I can feel little bumps but can't see them and it swells at tims. When i feel the area I can now notices like a sideways on 'v' shaped delve like a lesion under the gum. The inside of my cheek is also very sore and feels numb at times.

On the same side but on the top outside area adjacent to my top teeth and nestled necct to my cheek I can feel a little lump that appears to have a little recessed hole (like a mini crater) I think this has been there for a few years but it has never bothered me but this horrible burning and irritable sensation on my gums. under my tongue and inside cheek is driving me crazy. I keep hoping I will wake up and it will disappear as quickly as it came but it is still there and appears to be spreading. Has anyone come across this to offer any advice please?


I cant edit sorry but just to confirm the lesion is under the skin on the inside of my gums is near my tongue and is not visible when looking at it nor is it an open lesion. I can feel it only when running my finger along the area.