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I've had diarrhea for 3 days. It's very black and watery. I'm having stomach pains along with my stomach rolling and growling loud. The stomach is very sore. I had a gastric sleeve operation. I have had it almost 2 yrs now. Could it be something related that could damage my stomach. My only symptom is what I listed. No fever no vomiting. Thanks for your reply.


As I can see, you really do have problems with this and you really should visit your doctor, very often because you are prone to issues like this one.

Black watery diarrhea is made up of digested blood, which can be really dangerous.

Black diarrhea from bleeding in your upper GI tract is really black and that is also something that you should keep on your mind. It is not brownish or blackish, it is dark and dark stool is not the same as an actual black stool. Sometimes it is very complicated to explain or to get a proper answer, so I suggest you one thing - stop seeking for answers and go to your doctor.