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For years i have been told that my stomach probs are just IBS, perhaps most of the timeit is...but for roughly the past 3 months or so i have had non stop loose bowel the point i don't want to leave the house sometimes. Now the problems have increased to sever upper GI pain as well as BM's that are soooo watery i cant control them (for like 10 of the past 16 days)...i was so sick this last time it made me miss my period! Do any of these symptoms strike a chord with anyone? Does it sound like something other than IBS?


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Honestly, nothing can be said without proper examination. All these GI symptoms resemble one another and without stool and blood cultures, endoscopy, colonoscopy, etc it is impossible to say much about the subject.

If you have had most of the tests that didn’t show anything, then you are probably stuck with a severe IBS. In severe IBS, people suffer from multiple symptoms and chronic diarrhea is one of them as well as abdominal pain.

In women, most of the symptoms correspond to changes in menstrual cycle. Women also suffer more from constipation than diarrhea but there are always exceptions.

If you are uncertain about diagnosis, you can always seek second opinion but it may take as much testing as you have already had. It is though I know. All I can say that I hope you will get some sort of relief soon. Good luck!