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Hi I had a medical abortion at 5weeks on feb6 and its been a month and a week now and im still freaking bleeding! ! Bleeding moderate to heavy.. every time I do too much activity im filling up tons of maxi pads in a matter of seconds.. I haven't been able to go back to my Normal life. .. because of my consistency of bleeding it makes me really sad and feel feelings such as regret, self hatred, and just anger period! ..I allowed others into talkong me into doing it.. and I was wrong for being easily influenced by family and friends around me..... ok sorry back to the bleeding. .. ummm when will this crappy EVER end?? And if I take birth control will it end quicker??? I feel sluggish and miserable .... and anybody know a good place for counseling? ?? Im going freaking crzy!!



It’s possible that your period came and just tied in with the bleeding from the medical abortion. Of course, if that was the case the bleeding should be over in matter of days, or as long as your period lasts. But that would just mean to wait it out, which I don't think is the smartest option in your case, since you've been bleeding for this long.

If you can, get a checkup at the place where you had the medical abortion, or go to Planned Parenthood - they can provide both counseling, birth control pills and what I think you need the most - an ob-gyn examination to make sure what exactly is going on,

Wish you all the best,