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A week ago after I was intimate with my boyfriend I felt a small pain where I usually get PMS cramps, it was nothing in comparison to a pms cramp so I thought nothing of it. Later on when I used the washroom I noticed some blood after wiping my butt. I did not have intercourse in that area so it completely freaked me out. I did not continue any sexual acts, after a few days I completely stopped bleeding.
Today, a week later, I was with my boyfriend again, same thing happened. I don't experience any significant pain passing stool or after intercourse.

I did not see any blood combined with stool, just bright red blood after I wipe. I have been reading other people's problems and none of them include intimacy as a factor, so I'm curious to know if it is in fact possible to damage something in your rectum through normal vaginal intercourse.

Being with my boyfriend was the only consistant factor in both experiences. I eat spicy food often, have never experienced problems with it, but my father has had problems with it since he was my age.

I plan to consult with my doctor ASAP. I would just like reassurance until then.


 am experiencing exactly the same condition. Did you ever diagnose the problem? i would love to know as i am in a foriegn country right now and will be unable to get proper medical attention for a week or so.. Thank you so much!