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So. I drank for the first time and it was jack Daniels. I didn't drink a lot not enough to get me buzz. But it was my first time drinking and it was pretty strong and stop for a while for it irritated my stomach ( I suppose because I am not use to alcohol ) then the next day I went to restroom when I could no longer hold it and my stool was red. Blood in the stool after drinking - never before has this happen to me. I don't know if it because it was my first time and my stomach didn't like it or if it should some other problem I had but never knew about. Or it started a problem. Please help and advise


Having blood in your stool shouldn't have resulted from drinking whiskey unless you had some problems prior to drinking it.  Another thing could be that you consumed something with red dye in it that caused your stool to look red.  You may also have hemorrhoids that may be bleeding.  They may occur inside your rectum as well on the outside of your anus. So if they are internal hemorrhoids, you may not know you have them until you bleed from them.  I would say that your drinking Jack Daniels did not cause you to have red stools.  Just keep an eye on this situation.  If you continue to have bloody stools, you should see a doctor for it.