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every so oftenly i get this whiteish/reddish sore in my mouthh. it hurts alot and it stays on my mouthh for a week or so, its mostly in my inside lower lip. i caant eat because of it because i hurts when food toches t. i need hellp ,why do these happeen? is it a cold sore in my mouth? how can i get rid of it ?


They're natural, called mouth ulcers, google / wiki mouth ulcer, and they're a pain but no more than that in general.

In my experience, the more you irritate it, the more it irritates you: if you can leave it alone, do so.

Wiki 'mouth ulcer' gives you a full heads up and maybe more 'advanced' treatments.

As always, usual rules apply: if in doubt, check it out, go see a doctor or clinic.