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I have had three duodenal hemorrhages, 1980, 1988 and 1991. In 1991, when I vomited around 500-600ml of blood in the ambulance by of Ak, hspital, NZ, and henceforth at least one melaena per day, when I was discharged without comment after 8 days, 4 blood transfusions and 4 saline tansfusions, after refusing an operation until I was on death's door. On the day I arrived home, I had a friend give me two African Bird pepper capsules which I took after a prayer of blessing from God, and have not only never seen a duodenal melaena since, but over 20 years later, when rushed to TB hospital, 2nd June, 2011, with internal bleeding and rapidly escalating blood pressure (what happened before each 'blow out' in 1980 &1991 duodenal hemorrhages, the gastroscopy performed the next day, showed not only no duodenal hemorrhage but now no sign of the scars from epsodes, 1980, 1988 and 1991, proving my belief that cayenne not only stops hemorrhages but removes scar tissue. However, I am obviously losing twice as much blood through maroon stools and need to know what the specific gravity is of such stools when pure, so as to know how much blood I have lost as I try to get confirmation of blood loss through faeces lab tests as my doctor threw the ones away that I took the day he rushed me to hospital.

On Saturday, 18.6.2011 7.30am I passed a marroon stool that filled a 500gm plastic honey pot, and aound noon a similar amount. If either suspect site (transverse colon or the top of the first loop of the small intestine) is the source of bleeding it only takes about 2 to 4 minutes to reach the anus, where it is extremely difficult to hold on while I get a container in place to catch it. Food no way travels through the system so many feet so fast, providing another proof as well as the jelly like consistency. I could hold the container upside down without it falling out, it was so jelly like (congealed blood). When I took a stool to Accident and Emergency 4.50pm Tuesday 14.6.2011 they laughed at my stool presentation until they took some mixed it with water and did their blood identification which showed it had a considerable amount of blood in it. So one minute they were laughing at me turning up with a doctor's letter and barging in telling them that I had only ten minutes to go before the lab closed. They then said I was going by ambulance to our real hospital 70km north again like on 2.6.2011, until they got the results from the blood test, which they told me showed my blood volume to be okay. By that time the resident A&E doc had put in an emergency outpatient request for a colonoscopy. Since then, it has been taken off the emergency list, and I face running out of holiday pay while still losing blood like this. I have since had sent my first suspicious sample via my GPs office Mon 20.6.2011 but with the need for culture time the results may take too long before my next GP apointment, 2pm 24.6.2011. If that happens I have three highly suspicious stools kept in fridge to take to A&E again to try their water mixing test. But knowing the specific gravity of a pure marron stool plus how much normal blood 500ml of pure maroon bleeding stool reprents so I can assertain when I am stage Ii or stage III blood loss. It is no good just going to A&E or GP only as they need the evidence to go on which I can provide if I know what I am asking you.


Look, as I always say to people that I know - the main cause of the bleeding may not be serious, but it's important for your doctor to find the source of this symptom and to find the cause of it.

Why does bleeding happen? Well, there are so many different reasons. In my case, I had issues with varices. In case you didn't know, these are abnormally enlarged veins usually located at the lower end of the esophagus or the upper stomach. For some reason, they may break open and bleed. When I asked my doctor why this happened to me, why this caused bloody stool, he told me that cirrhosis of the liver is the most common cause of esophageal varices.

I came on time to see my doc :)