For 2 year now i have had side pain in my upper side of my body. Any time i lay on my back in be a have a discomfort in that area. Ive been getting acid reflex alot lately and tums dont seem to be helping .when it started 2 years ago i was drink alot and all the time. about six month ago after peeing  blood would show up and and it look like tomato juice a few drops.i stopped drinking four month ago and and im still having side pain when i lay down feels  like someone is squeezing my inside. it does not hurt when i urinate. i will sometimes  get sweaty.i have no heath insurance. when i went to the e room the first time when it got bad the gave me saline solutions and pepcid in my arm and a triple shot glass of some stuff the pain was gone for months until i started drinking heavily again. that first time the told me i had pancreatitus. then a few months later i went back they didnt do anything like they did last time just told me that i have gasititus. they told me to go buy some omeprazole and it didnt seem to help    what could it be im scared of going to the hospital again

Please let me know