I am an 18 year old girl and I recently went to Ohio for a soccer tournament. I arrived there on Friday evening.saturday I played two games in terrible weather and during my first game I started to feel nauseous. At my second game I started to get the chills and by night I had a high fever and green diarrhea. By Sunday morning I was throwing up and had the stomach bug , and suddenly I started noticing red blood in my brownish diarrhea. When I got home my symptoms continued until Monday. Now however I still have diarrhea with blood and everytime I feel a spout coming on my lower abdomen gets a cramping feeling thats painful it's not much blood but it is enough. I went to the hospital and they treated me for dehydration, my white blood cell and red blood cell count was normal and they even checked my rectum which was fine. The symptoms have died down a bit and I don't go diarrhea as much, but it is still painful at times when i do. They seem to think it is gastrointestinal infection from my virus. Could this be possible? I'm worried and tired of feeling this way. Btw no one in my family has any hereditary bowel diseases. Please help:(!