Hi i am Richard I am  a 23 year old male. Athletic I played college soccer and if you ask me I would say Am in good shape. so last month on feb 16 I went out with some friends and I got blacked out drunk and did a lot of coke. According to them cus I don’t remember, all I remember is drinking when we got to a party and then doing 2 key shots after that I don’t remember nothing. The next morning I woke up around like 10 am I was a lil hung over but not that bad I went to eat breakfast and started drinking around 12 in the afternoon I drank like 6 beers totally, I was really buzzed. I did not do coke that day. I fell asleep around 9 pm and I woke up around 4 am and had like a anxiety attack/panic attack. I couldn’t go bkk to sleep anymore. Ever since then I been like feeling out of it and like a dreamy state of mind. I feel like not myself, I can’t really focus my vision, and i just feel out of it . At first, i thought it was a nasty come down but it’s been 1 month that passed and it hasn’t gone away. It has gotten better tho it’s not as intense as it was the first 2 weeks. I just getting freaked out that this won’t go away and am have to live the rest of my life like this!!  Now I am like feeling depressed and havin like antiety as well. I just regret those 2 days so bad!!  

Also this has happened to me before when I was like 16 years old I used to smoke a lot of weed like almost everyday until 1 day I went out and got super drunk and smoked a lot of weed I woke up like 4 am and felt the exactly same way like in a dreamy state of mind and not myself, that lasted about 3 months until I eventually got over it, i don’t even remember when it went away it just went away. Ever since then I haven’t smoked weed again.  I had stayed 4 years sober not drinking no alcohol or no type of drugs until I turned 21 I started drinking again and about 1 year ago o started experimenting with cocaine. But this last few months I had been drinking really heavy every weekend and doing coke almost every weekend as well. 

So this the 2nd time this happens to me so be it with different drugs. I am just scarred sh*tless that this time this feeling won’t go away. 


Also the week before this happens to me I was really sick with a stomach flu and lost like 3 pounds from all the diarrhea I had. Also that night I went out and did coke I only ate lunch at work and didn’t eat anything in the night. 


So my question to you guys is what do y’all recommend? Any suggestions?  I just regret that day so much!! I have a beautiful girlfriend and 2 beautiful kids that need me to be 100 % for them and not all out of it like I am at the moment. 



Ps sorry for the long post!!! Just need a some help!! 

Thank you guys