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Hello everyone,

I have been struggling for over 10 days now with gastrointestinal problems. It first started 10 days ago when suddenly after breakfast i started feeling unwell, slowly abdominal spasms stated and got really bad by the end of the day i was extremely nauseated and in a lot of pain. I went to the ER and was told i had viral gastroenteritis they gave me fluids for dehydration and something for the nausea. I then went home feeling slightly better with no nausea.

A day or two later i still wasnt better i had constant diarrhea, i was bloated and had abdominal cramps so i went to my Dr. He said i had a bacterial infection from food poisoning and took a stool sample and put me on a 5 day course of Cipro antibiotics. By the 5th day i was slightly improved but not near enough how well i should have been.

Now my bowel movements are still watery, yellow and foul odor.(10 days), im still extremely bloated and dont feel quite right with the exception of no abdominal cramps. I have an appointment with a GI specialist tomorrow so i hope he'll be able to help but i was wondering if any one has had any similiar experiences or might know what this could be?






Dr. will order CT scan of abdomen and colonoscopy. If all is normal, ask for a HIDA scan of gallbladder. It's possible that your gallbladder isn't functioning at 100%. good luck