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I've recently been going to doctors to try and find out what is wrong with me but nothing has been discovered.  For the last two years, every three months or so I wake up early in the morning with abdominal pain.  As the pain gets more intense, the vomiting and diarrhea starts.  I get really hot and dizzy.  I have passed out on the toilet before.  After I'm done vomiting and the diarrhea is gone, I break out in hives and usually my feet swell.  The pain then goes from my upper abdomin to my groin area.  Usually at the this time I have chills.  These episodes last anywhere from 30 minutes to two hours.  The doctors have run all kinds of tests.  So far they have only determine that I have a polyp in my stomach, my spleen is enlarged, and my lymphnodes are swollen.  I have seen my family doctor, an oncologist, and a GI doctor.  Any suggestions?


Dear avtilton,

I was just wondering if you found out anything about your illness?  I too have had the same thing going on, but it has just started over the last month and the doctors are clueless.  I have the exact same symptoms as you do including the hives after vomiting and diarrhea are gone.  After the last bout I spent 3 days in the hospital for severe dehydration and infection with 2 and 1/2 times the normal White Blood Cell count.  They don't know where the infection came from and I don't even know what kinds of tests they ran but they did take blood and stool samples.  I have not heard anything back from them and it has been more than a week since the hospital stay.  I am just scared that this will keep happening again and again.  This past month has been horrible.  Have you learned anything about your condition?  If you have, could you please let me know.  I am getting desperate for answers and the doctors here apparently don't know anything about my condition.  Sincerely, Elizabeth