20 year old female!! Okay so I've had a cold for 2 weeks and it turned into bronchtis (or so the dr claims) I had xrays done and urine test!! Everything came back normal no pnemonia in my lungs or anything so the dr said I had Bronchitis cause of my presistant cough with mucus!! Anywho this morning I spit clear mucus with up Navy Blue fiber looking stuff so now I'm like so confused!!!! It's weird that this hasen't only happen to me but it's even scarier with what the web is saying I've been to the hospital twice and had xrays done and everything is fine but this is odd.. I'm just hoping to get better.. At first I ignored it cause I have a blanket that has blue on it and I figured maybe they became loose and I inhaled it but after 2 hour I spit up a loogie gross I know and it was dark green with a streak of blue!! I will add that I've been using my daughters breathing machine they prescribed her when she had croup!!! Please someone tell me what is going onn... all they respomds for b lue boogers are negative