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My wife was diagnosed with SOD about a year ago. Since then, she has constant mild pain, but severe pain if she eats anything with fat. She takes a handful of enzymes now before she eats anything, but they do little to help her eat any significant foods. She is now down to her pre-college weight (after 2 babies), and is continuing to lose about a lb per week. Her fast metabolism was great for her entire life, but is now working against her.

What can we do to stop the losses? Every time she gets on the scale and sees that she lost weight, she gets scared and demoralized. I completely understand, but I refuse to believe that there isn't something we can do. Is there a GNC supplement, or a eating regimen, or something people do to keep weight on with this SOD? Any and all advice appreciated, and thank you in advance.

-Concerned Hubby.


This is just a shot in the dark but have you looked into a bit more of an invasive treatment? ENDOSCOPIC INJECTION of the BOTULINUM TOXIN?
It is an injection of botox which will paralyze the muscle.

Maybe you could mention it to her Doctor. I think insurance will cover it because it is not done for vanity. I am not sure, but maybe you could look into it.