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I have had strange bowel patterns since december. At first i didn't have a BM for 9+ days. After that i only had small pebble like bowels every two days or so. If i do have a semi-normal bowel, it is small and doesn't happen very often. I am worried something is wrong.


first of all- good for you for be in tuned with your body, most people aren't!
this can be very uncomfortable and could lead to hemorrhoids, which are really uncomfortable. i'm sure you're going to school, stressed about homework, dating, school, etc... and i bet you're not eating GREAT, right?

try adding more leafy green veggies to your diet and minimize your cheese and red meat intake. if you're eating a lot of dairy and protein it causes your stool to be harder, the more leafy greens and FIBER you eat the softer it will be and the more regular you will be.

Also, instead of drinking soda, drink water, 8 glasses a day- if you're able to take water bottles to class carry one with you and drink it all day!

Also, pick up the "activa" yogurt at the supermarket and have a cup of that a day too...

best rule of thumb, if it seems like a heavy meal (starch, grease, high fat, processed protein and cheese) it will make it harder to have a movement.
if it is a light meal- salad, smoothie, fruits, veggies- you will be more regular. hope this helps.

also, if you have been sick and taken any meds for diarrhea this can make it harder to have a movement too.

if the change in your diet doesn't help- go to the doctor.

hope this helps!