All my life my sister has not pulled out her own hair but broke it off. My family and I have never really noticed it much until the last little while because she combs it over. She let me feel her hair the other day and it felt all broken off. She has always had very fine hair but lately it has been looking like she is going bald. She will be sitting around watching tv for example and be patting her head feeling around and then when she finds a long peice she gets her other hand brings it up and breaks it off. then she kind of twists the hair off with her fingers onto the ground. If you say something to her about it she says " on no my hair has been like this for years, its always been very thin" We always thought it was just her hair being thin, but she is breaking her hair off. I know that when people pull there hair out that is called trichotillomania, but i was just wondering if it is the same thing my sister is going through, or if there is another diagnosis for it, and what we can do to help her.
Thank you