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A week before my wedding I noticed a lump or bump in my right breast. I have has two miscarraiges in six months the last being 4 months along. I have been to two doctors who have each said that this bump is a fibrosis and to not worry as I am only 28. I have now booked an appointment with my GP however am still very worried? I have also began to feel as if my neck glands are swelling - not throat pain but swelling - uncomfortable to say the least? Would that have something to do with the bump or on its own? I have also taken a preganancy test for the past three weeks as I heard that breast bumps/lumps can be a result but so far all were negative. Please help.


Fibrocystic Disease of the breast is EXTREMELY common. You will know very few women in your lifetime who don't have at least a few breat lumps. Many women have MANY lumps. One good peice of advice is to get a "baseline" mammogram. That way, if your breast become very lumpy, subsequent mammograms can be compared with the original and it may make the reading and analysis easier. Basically, though, smooth, dense breast tissue like jello is a myth. THis is, afterall, a gland.

Its a good idea to check yourself once a month. You'll become used to the feel of your own body. Generally, lumps which are not overly firm, not rock hard, and are moveable are probably cysts. They become encased is the fibrous tissue of the breast and there is fluid in the cyst.

I say don't worry...enjoy your marriage.

One final note: You sound very stressed. The miscarriages HAVE to have been stressful. Often, a person will take a stress they can't deal with and focus it somewhere just so it can be "handled". Is that, perhaps, what you're doing? You will either have healthy babies or you will be one of the women who can't. Your chances of acheiving pregnancy are much better if you are relaxed. Set aside some time to get over the miscarriages and to accept the brest lumps. Learn a new craft or find something else engaging. Once you're more relaxed, step back into things.

Good luck