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I just really need someones help I cant live with this pain any more I dont have insurance so who can help?
i'm 29 i have two children my breasts never really had the mass they have always kinda hung but the last few years after i had my tubes tied i started having very periods and now on to my breasts a lump has developed and gets bigger with my period and then goes back down after word but also now it is starting to shoot a shape pain through to my nipple like a tooth ache! Which is why i have come to you.


It is essential you saw a doctor because we can't help you from here, we can only advise you to see a doctor even if you had to pay for your visit.

Breast lumps are common and 80% of them are benign. Most of the time, their appearance is linked to menstrual cycle when they become more apparent during a period.

To check the lumps as well as this new pain that has started shooting up, you better see a doctor. Even if it proves to be cancerous, the sooner you find out the better. Earlier diagnosis makes easier treatment and provides better outcome.