For the past year my quality of life has been deeply affected by this thing that I can only refer to as a breathing issue. It all started last year around March. I would find myself constantly feeling the need to take a deep breath. If not a deep breath then a sigh. This would happen anywhere anytime. It went away, or at least died out a bit for a month, a month later it was back. Its like I get a pressure near my thyroid that only gets satisfied by doing either a deep breath/yawn/sigh. It wouldnt be a big deal if I could actually obtain these, onlly every once in while will i get that satisfying one. Anyway all of 2017 was spent with the same issue. In the summer I got a new job and boy did it begin to get bad. Now for the past four months it has been the absolute worse. I get relief from this feeling here and there, usually when im occupied with something else,but besides that its constant. Also at times I feel as if my breathing HAS to be forced if not I wont breathe. I've had blood tests done, ekg, echos. All normal. I am embarrassed by this as people have even began to point it out. Two of my classmates even mocked it a few days ago. It is something that makes me want to just cave in my house for the rest of my life.  Does anyone have any idea please on how to relieve this permanently, or is my life just destined to be this way.