im a 33 old male who smoked for 9 year about 10 cigarettes a day, i never smoked too much nor was i a chain smoker smoked on average smoked after every 2 or 3 hrs.

on my birthday 23 dec 2014 i decided to quit smoking as i saw one video on youtube about lungs filled with tar, i smoked my last cig and said good buy to the bad habit.

I was fine for about 1 week,one day while sitting and having a conversation with my friends i suddenly felt have to take a long deep breath to get enough oxygen,

about every 10 breaths i had to take a long deep breath, also started to yawn but couldn't, fingers felt numb too...but mostly felt that when i took a deep breath my lungs hit a wall and could not go further for that satisfying breath, really bad feeling.

on the 30th of dec i went to a GP who told me he needs to see some blood tests and xray before he could come to an conclusion and that i should not force breath -_-

i got my blood test done which came back normal and xray also came normal.

my GP called me and told me that he had to go on a holiday so he refereed me to a pulmonary Doctor...on the 1st of jan 2015 i went to him and gave him all my history, i told him that i was feeling that my chest is congested and as if some weight is on my chest not letting me breath fully,i also told him i had perfect breathing, and never felt like i was feeling now all day since i had smoking these years.

upon checking my oxgen blood lvl was 98% when he put this machine on my finger also did a peak flow meter which showed 640, he then sent me to have a spirometry test.

The test came back really quickly my results were:

FVC 90%FEV1 94%FEV1/FVC 107

he told me that the spirometry is normal and i dont have COPD , he gave me a nasal spray to clear up my nasal congestion and post nasal driping he also gave me montelukast sodium 10mg once a day for 1 month, he aslo asked me if i had acid reflex which i did so he game me some thing for that as well.

on the 10th i still had the urge to take deep breaths after ever few normal breaths, i was force coughing a bit as well but nor too much mostly in the morning to clear my congestion as that helped kindof. i made an appointment which another private GP for second reference who after checking me told me i might me suffering from anxiety, and gave me Buspirone twice 1 day and fluoxetine once a day, which seemed to work for the 1st few days along with montelukast sodium but since 3 day i feel the same as i felt on the 1st day i went to my GP, when i go out i feel to take long beep breath (just 1 or 2 long breath) after every few normal breaths, when i sleep the breathing is normal, i also have muscular pain under my man boobs which is sensitive to touch.

i dont know what wrong with me which do i need to have deep breaths and whats going on with my lungs, i really worried...please kindly help me.