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I've been having chest pains/discomfort & trouble breathing on and off for the past few months.

I've had a few ECG's & Chest X-rays but nothing has been found.

I've suffered from asthma from a very young age.

The chest pains & weird sensations mainly occur around or directly over the heart area.

When my breathing goes funny, it's like i can't breathe in to my fullest. A few times it's actually felt like i've stopped breathing.

I am very worried.

Your help will be much appreciated.


Hi Carly,

When the physical is ruled out, the ECG's and x-rays, then it might be an anxiety issue. 

Our mind is powerful.  When we think we're having trouble breathing we tend to breath shorter and faster.  It can actually "alter" our metaboloism by "blowing off" C02, Carbon dioxide.  When that happens, we tend to get more anxious, breath faster, might have chest pain, have tingling in the fingers and hands, and the problem gets worse.

Eventually you break out of it.  Worst case, you might even pass out.  If you do, your breathing will return to normal.  Have you ever heard someone say to breath into a paper bag?  It's the expelled C02 that they breath that helps get them out of the anxiety attack by restoring that balance.

Just a thought, hope it helps.



I have been suffering from anxiety for three years now. So, yes, it may be an anxiety issue.
Thanks for your input.